Servigistics Initial Provisioning Software for Spare Parts

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Recommend Appropriate Initial Parts Mix

Servigistics Initial Provisioning (IP) recommends the spare parts that the PTC client should sell to their customer for the customer to support a new asset or set of assets. This includes the workflow and calculation supporting the spares list purchase negotiation and the planning for the resulting demand on the PTC client's spares network.

Servigistics Initial Provisioning Features and Benefits

  • Develops an initial provisioning forecast based on multiple inputs including product bill-of-materials (BOM), install sites, site coverage, confidence level, product rollout schedule and causal values

  • Enables a collaborative workflow to arrive at a consensus forecast

  • Increases client asset uptime due to more accurate seed stock projections

  • Facilitates budgetary planning for product rollouts

  •  Supports scenario management