Windchill Product Risk and Reliability

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Managing Product Risk and Reliability: The Impact

Reducing the cost of quality is a top concern among nearly half of all CXO’s in discrete manufacturing (LNS Research). Not only does poor quality result in scrap, rework, warranty costs and even product recalls that can deal a blow to your product’s brand, maintaining high quality can be costly if it is done too late in the product lifecycle: engineering changes cost as much as three to seven times more after a product has been released to manufacturing.

Therefore, it’s critical to catch potential quality, reliability, and safety issues as early as possible during product design and development: before much of the product has been finalized and while engineering changes are relatively low-cost. But too often, quality processes take place in siloed organizations and tools, disconnected from core product development and lacking the ability to impact product changes and improvements in meaningful ways.

Predict and Prevent Quality Issues

Windchill Quality Solutions deliver vital predictive reliability and risk methods integrated with the product bill of materials and engineering change processes central to PLM in order to drive out product quality issues sooner. A synchronized engineering bill of materials and the ability to drive engineering change in PLM from quality analyses ensures both data and process integration, along with visibility and accountability, between engineering and quality teams. Capabilities include:

  • Reliability and Maintainability Prediction: Predict the potential reliability of products early in the design phase, and boost product performance by improving design and maintainability choices: including capabilities to predict service needs, processes, parts, personnel, and costs.
  • Safety and Risk Management: PTC Windchill FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis) and FTA (Fault Tree Analysis) provide enterprise-accessible tools for evaluating and preventing product quality issues and failures during the design phase – before they emerge in finished products.
  • Test and Field Reliability: Analyze how your products really performed during testing and in the field with Windchill FRACAS, which provides for the intake, analysis, and reporting of real-world reliability, safety, and quality metrics gathered from test or field – plus built-in CAPA processes to leverage these lessons learned and improve designs.
  • Advanced Statistical Methods: Support better product quality – from early design through the evaluation of real-world results to drive next-generation improvements – with fully integrated statistical methods like Reliability Block Diagram, Markov, Weibull and Accelerated Life Testing