IoT Use Cases for Service and Support


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As a Service or Support Leader, You are Challenged to Optimally Service Products in the Field and Remotely, Efficiently Manage Spare Parts and Warranty Costs, and Develop Strategies to Increase Revenue, Profitability and Customer Value

IoT Use Cases for Service and Support

  • Monitoring and Diagnostics – Interact with connected products to identify and diagnose product issues remotely to eliminate unnecessary service calls and improve first time fix rate.

  • Remote Service – Interact real-time with connected products to perform remote service activities including machine adjustments, software updates, and self-tests to avoid downtime and eliminate need for on-site service calls.

  • Automated Service Execution – Automatically trigger service events based on connected product alerts, diagnose issues, determine the best service response and dispatch technicians based on SLA entitlements and resource availability.

  • Condition-Based Predictive Maintenance – Monitor connected product operating characteristics and combine with thresholds, trends, and analytics to move from reactive to proactive maintenance.

  • Connected Service Parts Planning – Leverage connected product data including configuration, utilization, and location to improve balancing of service level objectives with service parts inventory levels.

  • Warranty Cost Management – Continually monitor connected product usage to identify and prevent potential warranty compliance issues; automatically notify operator when compliance issues occur to avoid potential product failures and reduce warranty cost.

Common IoT Metrics for Service / Support:

  • Reduced service costs

  • Improve mean time to repair (MTTR); resolution time

  • Service contract renewal rate

  • Reduced warranty costs

  • Reduce service events with no problem found

  • Improve first time fix rate (FTFR)

  • Increase service events avoided; remote fix rate

  • Improve SLA compliance


Diebold is a $2.9B provider of integrated self-service delivery and security systems, including ATMs. By utilizing the ThingWorx IoT platform, Diebold is able to expand the level of its service and support offerings for Automated Teller Machines to avoid trips by resolving problems remotely and improve customer satisfaction by dramatically reducing system downtime. The company saw a 17% increase in remote issue resolution, a 15% reduction in equipment downtime, and average downtime responses shortened to less than 30 minutes. Diebold Customer Success Story - IoT-Enabled Services