Rosenbauer 采用一致的方式来满足产品变型的需要



Rosenbauer 是移动消防设备的全球领先企业。基于大约 80 个平台和超过 2,000 个选件来生产 250 到 350 俩车,Rosenbauer 必须利用产品平台来取得成功。市场领导地位和国际认可证明了这种方式的成果和优势。

For over 145 years, Rosenbauer has been building equipment for fire and emergency services. The company has successfully combined significant innovations and ground-breaking technology to produce firefighting vehicles and extinguishing systems in accordance with Global regulations.

Today, Rosenbauer develops and manufacturers vehicles in Europe, the United States and in Asia, serving many global markets. The group has about 2,200 employees, located mainly in Austria and spread across the globe.

Rosenbauer not only addresses the challenge of small production sizes by applying a modular approach, but also analyzes current trends and future requirements to meet varying deployment situations. Firefighting situations are becoming more complex. Modern building technology and materials, hazardous substance transport, and increased passenger vehicles complexity are changing the requirements for Rosenbauer's product development.

Effective collaboration between engineering disciplines (mechanical, electrical and software), using product platforms to reduce time to market, have enabled the company to achieve high standards of quality required of firefighting equipment today. High quality product that meets the ever-changing needs of firefighting continues to protect and ensure Rosenbauer's market leadership.