Flowserve 使用 PLM 加快产品创新



在 Flowserve,新产品的制造以“创新优先”战略为基础。产品开发的特点就是通过某种方法来增加新产品创意的数量,尤其是那些从一开始就有望进一步渗透到市场中的创意

Product development strategies at Flowserve have become more intensive and thought provoking. Over the next 10 years the company wants to fundamentally change the way they develop new product ideas. These ideas, in a strategy called Innovation First, are required at the inception stage to be viable ideas that will drive further market share and revenues.

This strategy requires project managers and product development teams to think extensively how to create new ideas within the existing technical data specifications. With so many projects and departments involved, teams need to be able to communicate effectively with each other and, in addition, have the possibilities to collate data in a strategic and effective manner.

Following the principals of Product Lifecycle Management, Flowserve is on a very good way to achieve the 5 to 10 year goal to transform the organization from how it is known today.

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