Flowserve 用以打造产品优势的工程战略



Flowserve 研发部的首席技术官兼副总裁讨论了其产品开发战略如何将全球工程团队紧密联系在一起,推行以客户为中心的理念以及支持 Flowserve 提供最优质的产品。

Flowserve is a leading manufacturer and aftermarket service provider of flow control products and services for many of the world’s most critical applications, spanning power, oil, gas, chemical and other industries.

Keeping the customer first is a unifying principle and key strategy for Flowserve. That principle is a driving force for the engineering organization and their product development process. Creating and servicing the highest quality product for their customer requires engineering’s involvement throughout the lifecycle of the product. To effectively deliver the right product for each customer application, Flowserve takes advantage of the deep technical knowledge and experience that it’s globally distributed teams possess.

By enabling their global engineering teams to collaborate and share best practices and designs, Flowserve will continue to get the best product to market faster than the competition.