Creo Design Exploration Extension (DEX)

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Build Alternatives and Preserve Information Within Your Original Model File

If you think about your present workflow, you probably get to your best idea by going down a number of design ‘paths’ and building design ‘branches’. Maybe you also create a quantity of files, one for each design alternative.

That’s a lot of manual labor, with the promise of even more when you do presentations for (multiple) design reviews or try to backtrack to that insight you had a week ago. 

PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension (DEX), an extension to Creo parametric, lets you try out new design ideas, explore alternatives within existing designs, and keep track of the decision points along the way.

It’s all about exploration: you won’t risk your original design nor do you have to commit to any changes. You’re free to do what you’d like.

With PTC Creo DEX, you can quickly build alternatives and preserve all your information within your original model file. The software makes it easy to create as many branches, modifications, and checkpoints as you like—all without overwriting the original design. Now your next design review is faster, that product development cycle speeds up, and your work is preserved so colleagues can refer to it for their own projects. Save your energy for getting to the best design and leave administrative tasks to PTC Creo DEX.

Creo Design Exploration Extension Features and Benefits

  • Explore design changes safely without risking original designs or committing to any change
  • Simultaneously develop different ideas and evaluate all options before making decisions
  • Eliminate manual data duplication and tedious session clean-up for loading and reloading different versions
  • Browse exploration checkpoints in a ‘decision tree’ for interactive design review
  • Effortlessly switch back and forth between design ideas

Download the Creo Design Exploration Extension Datasheet