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行业领先的 3D CAD 软件


利用 Creo 产品开发软件套件,您可以将产品从概念变成数字原型,同时兼顾效率、准确性和一定的美观度。我们的软件界面直观,而且各个套件全部能够协同运行。

30 多年来,我们一直站在 CAD 技术的前沿。快来加入我们。

Creo Parametric

作为 Creo 套件中的旗舰应用程序,Creo Parametric 是您唯一需要的 3D CAD 软件。利用 Creo Parametric,您可以无缝组合参数化建模和直接建模功能;依靠 Unite 技术打开非PTC原生 CAD 数据并且几乎可与任何人进行协作;此外,由于知道所有下游可交付结果都将自动更新,自己还可以放松精神。通过将这一系列功能与易用性结合起来,您将获得一种产品设计加速器。


3D CAD 软件通过产品开发过程的自动化,使用户能够构建三维虚拟原型,从而提高产品质量并缩短上市时间。 有各种各样的建模工具可用来创建数字原型,但只有 Creo CAD 软件提供了统一的产品设计和开发环境,让您将各种直接的和参数化的建模技术、方法和最佳业务实践融合在一起。通过更好地满足不同领域、不同专业知识水平和不同专业化程度的产品开发专业人员的需求,这将提高工作效率和推动创新。

Creo Parametric:  同时使用参数化和直接建模来设计您的产品
Creo Direct:  直接与几何形状交互。适合罕见CAD用户。
Creo Options Modeler:  是专用于创建和验证各种复杂产品 3D 模块化装配的应用程序。
Creo Elements/Direct Modeling:  全面的直接建模功能


Applications range from a free download for concept design to standalone tools for layouts and schematics – even a complete 2D CAD system for engineers and designers.

Creo Sketch:  Use this free download to capture initial ideas
Creo Layout:  Leverage 2D data to produce 3D models that accurately reflect design intent
Creo Schematics:  Create 2D schematic designs of routed systems
Creo Elements/Direct Drafting:  Meets the 2D needs of designers and engineers


Simulate early and often with software that’s easy to set up, use, and run. Now you can resolve basic design issues in engineering before handing off your product to Analysis.

Simulation Products


Now colleagues can see your design in the file format that suits them, so design reviews are more productive and data can be reused. Fewer, better prototypes mean faster design cycles and more money in your budget.

Creo View MCAD:  Intuitive viewer allows non-CAD users to see your design
Creo View ECAD:  Allows the entire team to see PCB-related designs
Creo Illustrate:  Create powerful 3D interactive technical illustrations
Creo View Mobile: Use your iPad or iPhone to see models created in Creo View


Our software doesn’t produce innovation: you do. But Creo can help by giving you powerful tools all within one environment as well as choice and flexibility in how you use them.

What can you design? One customer designed an artificial heart. Another created a 1.5 ton light sculpture. Maybe your next great product is that one on your desk.