Creo Parametric: Rendering and Animation

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Flexible Rendering and Animation Tools

Rendering is the process of generating an image from a 3D model using computer graphics.  Animation consists of renderings shown in sequence and depicts the product moving through time and space as a consumer might experience it.  Both these modes of visual communication help colleagues, suppliers and potential buyers ‘get’ your product.

When you have a target customer in mind, nothing beats working in a virtual environment that can give you a taste of realism, allowing you to understand how the product would fit in the ‘real world’ your intended customer inhabits. Rendering can do this quickly and inexpensively.

With Creo Parametric you don’t have to be a computer graphics expert to render product images or get specialized effects. The software supports the depiction of realistic materials, such as metal and glass, while the graphics engine allows you to see a representation of how the product, large assemblies included, will look in the intended environment.  When you want to experiment with options, changes are quick and easy. The lucid images you produce will enrich design reviews and help stakeholders both inside and outside of the organization connect with your product.

At some point you might need the increased realism of photorealistic renderings: unabashedly stunning images with sophisticated handling of light, optical effects, and surface textures.  These high-quality renderings can even take the place of photographs, allowing fast, effortless updates of marketing collateral and packaging instead of time-consuming and budget-shredding studio photography. Unless you’re a really talented still life painter, you’ll want to use PTC Creo Advanced Rendering Extension (ARX), an extension to Creo Parametric.  Create accurate photorealistic images, complete with backgrounds and special effects such as textures, reflections, shadows, lighting effects, and depth of field.   Animations are even more effective in helping audiences respond instinctively to the product.

Rendering and animation tools put time and money back into your design process.  They also inject flexibility into how you work and streamline your approach to visual communication for internal and external stakeholders.  We think that makes for a very pretty and cost-effective picture.

Download the Creo Render Studio Extension Datasheet