IoT Connectivity

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Connect To Any Product Using Any Device, Over Any Communication Channel (Cellular Networks, the Internet, WiFi, or Satellite), For Any Application

The Axeda Machine Cloud Service includes M2M and IoT connectivity services, software agents, and toolkits that enable you to establish connectivity between your devices or assets and the Axeda Platform, while allowing you to choose the communication method and hardware that suits the needs of your IoT solution.

IoT connectivity diagram

Axeda M2M Connectivity Services includes three types of solutions depending on the class of device or asset that you need to connect to:

  • Firewall-Friendly Agents - Software agents that run on Linux or Windows and install directly on your assets or a gateway computer on your network, connected to your assets.
  • Wireless Agent Toolkits - A Java or ANSI C library for embedding Axeda connectivity into your devices that can be compiled into your own software and executed on a wide array of computing hardware and platforms.
  • Device Protocol Adapter - A device communication server that connects to any M2M message protocol and can be extended with custom CODECs (coder/decoders) that translate the device’s native communication format into a form that the Axeda Platform can understand and process.
  • Policy Server - A server-based software application residing on the customer’s network, Axeda Policy Server provides a comprehensive and granular set of permission settings that continuously governs Axeda Agent behavior for all devices at the customer location.
  • MQTT - The Axeda Machine Cloud ® supports the open source IoT protocol standard MQTT. Axeda Ready Gateways support MQTT networks by listening to any MQTT broker. This allows for support of local MQTT sensor and device networks as well as connectivity between MQTT device networks and the Axeda Machine Cloud.

Quickly and easily integrate with the Axeda Machine Cloud

The Axeda Ready program broadens the device options available to customers – allowing them to select the right communication device for their environment. A technical approval program for hardware and module manufacturers in the M2M industry, the Axeda Ready program ensures device compatibility with the Axeda Platform, speeding time-to-market for multiple devices that can communicate with the platform, and ensuring accurate and secure data communication as well as setting technical support expectations based on Axeda Ready classification. For a full list of partners with Axeda ready devices, click here.

Manage SIMs, devices and connected assets

The Axeda Wireless Console (AWC) enables users to manage the asset, device, and SIM in a single console, eliminating the need to integrate with two separate platforms. Using the Axeda Wireless console delivers easier activation and deactivation of device SIMs, better management of rate plans and traffic, and real-time remote asset alerts and alarms. By making SIM data available to the Axeda rules engine and APIs, developers can program logic that uses SIM billing and usage data in M2M applications to change device behavior and adjust plans on the fly to lower network costs.